November 1st All Events

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November 1st, 2007 (November 01 2007)DeathPaul Tibbets, US Air Force retired Brigadier General (born in 1915)
November 1st, 2007 (November 01 2007)DeathS. Ali Raza, Bollywood Screenwriter (born in 1922)
November 1st, 2006 (November 01 2006)DeathWilliam Styron, American author (born in 1925)
November 1st, 2006 (November 01 2006)DeathAdrienne Shelly, American actress (born in 1966)
November 1st, 2005 (November 01 2005)EventFirst part of the Gomery Report, which discusses allegations of political money manipulation, is released in Canada.
November 1st, 2005 (November 01 2005)DeathSkitch Henderson, English-born bandleader (born in 1918)
November 1st, 2005 (November 01 2005)DeathMichael Piller, American screenwriter (born in 1948)
November 1st, 2004 (November 01 2004)DeathMac Dre, American rapper (born in 1970)
November 1st, 2004 (November 01 2004)DeathTerry Knight, American music promoter (born in 1943)
November 1st, 2000 (November 01 2000)DeathBernard Erhard, American voice actor (born in 1934)
November 1st, 1999 (November 01 1999)DeathTheodore Alvin Hall, Atomic Spy (born in 1925)
November 1st, 1999 (November 01 1999)DeathJean Coutu, Canadian actor (born in 1925)
November 1st, 1998 (November 01 1998)EventThe European Court of Human Rights is instituted.
November 1st, 1994 (November 01 1994)DeathNoah Beery, Jr., American actor (born in 1913)
November 1st, 1993 (November 01 1993)EventThe Maastricht Treaty takes effect, formally establishing the European Union.
November 1st, 1993 (November 01 1993)DeathSevero Ochoa, Spanish-born biochemist, Nobel laureate (born in 1905)
November 1st, 1993 (November 01 1993)DeathA. N. Sherwin-White, English historian (born in 1911)
November 1st, 1991 (November 01 1991)EventThree faculty, and one staff member of the department of physics and astronomy, were killed, along with one administrator, when physics graduate student Gang Lu went on a shooting rampage at the University of Iowa.
November 1st, 1988 (November 01 1988)BirthRoss Montague, English footballer
November 1st, 1987 (November 01 1987)BirthCaitlin McCarthy, Victoria s secret model
November 1st, 1987 (November 01 1987)DeathRene Levesque, Premier of Quebec (born in 1922)
November 1st, 1986 (November 01 1986)BirthPenn Badgley, American actor
November 1st, 1986 (November 01 1986)BirthDizzee Rascal, English rapper
November 1st, 1986 (November 01 1986)DeathSerge Garant, French-Canadian composer and conductor (born in 1929)
November 1st, 1985 (November 01 1985)DeathPhil Silvers, American actor and comedian (born in 1911)
November 1st, 1984 (November 01 1984)BirthNatalia Tena, English actress
November 1st, 1983 (November 01 1983)BirthJon Wilkin, rugby league player
November 1st, 1983 (November 01 1983)BirthYuko Ogura, Japanese model
November 1st, 1983 (November 01 1983)BirthJosh Wicks, American soccer player
November 1st, 1983 (November 01 1983)DeathAnthony van Hoboken, Dutch musicologist (born in 1887)
November 1st, 1982 (November 01 1982)EventHonda becomes the first Asian automobile company to produce cars in the United States with the opening of their factory in Marysville, Ohio. The Honda Accord is the first car produced there.
November 1st, 1982 (November 01 1982)BirthMichael Copon, American actor
November 1st, 1982 (November 01 1982)DeathKing Vidor, American film director (born in 1894)
November 1st, 1982 (November 01 1982)DeathJames Broderick, American actor (born in 1927)
November 1st, 1981 (November 01 1981)EventAntigua and Barbuda gain independence from the United Kingdom.
November 1st, 1979 (November 01 1979)BirthCoco Crisp, American baseball player
November 1st, 1979 (November 01 1979)BirthDelgado, Angolan footballer
November 1st, 1979 (November 01 1979)BirthMilan Dudic, Serbian footballer
November 1st, 1979 (November 01 1979)BirthHenry Shefflin, Irish hurler
November 1st, 1979 (November 01 1979)DeathMamie Eisenhower, First Lady of the United States (born in 1896)
November 1st, 1978 (November 01 1978)BirthManju Warrier, Indian actress
November 1st, 1978 (November 01 1978)BirthMary Kate Schellhardt, American actress
November 1st, 1976 (November 01 1976)BirthMatt Chapman, American cartoonist and voice actor
November 1st, 1976 (November 01 1976)BirthLogan Marshall-Green, American actor
November 1st, 1975 (November 01 1975)BirthBo Bice, American singer
November 1st, 1975 (November 01 1975)BirthScott "Skippy" Chapman, American singer/musician/songwriter
November 1st, 1974 (November 01 1974)BirthV. V. S. Laxman, Indian cricketer
November 1st, 1973 (November 01 1973)EventWatergate Scandal: Leon Jaworski is appointed as the new Watergate Special Prosecutor.
November 1st, 1973 (November 01 1973)EventThe Indian state of Mysore was renamed as Karnataka to represent all the regions within Karunadu .
November 1st, 1973 (November 01 1973)BirthAishwarya Rai, Indian actress
November 1st, 1973 (November 01 1973)BirthGeoff Horsfield, English footballer
November 1st, 1972 (November 01 1972)BirthJenny McCarthy, American "Playmate of the Year" and TV actress
November 1st, 1972 (November 01 1972)BirthToni Collette, Australian actress
November 1st, 1972 (November 01 1972)BirthPaul Dickov, Scottish footballer
November 1st, 1972 (November 01 1972)DeathEzra Pound, American poet (born in 1885)Ezra Pound Quotes
November 1st, 1971 (November 01 1971)BirthVikram Chatwal, Indian hotelier
November 1st, 1970 (November 01 1970)EventA fire at a dance hall in Saint-Laurent-du-Pont, France kills 144 young people.
November 1st, 1969 (November 01 1969)BirthTie Domi, Canadian ice hockey player
November 1st, 1968 (November 01 1968)BirthPark Shin-yang, South Korean actor
November 1st, 1968 (November 01 1968)DeathGeorge Papandreou, Greek politician (born in 1888)
November 1st, 1967 (November 01 1967)BirthSophie B. Hawkins, American musician
November 1st, 1967 (November 01 1967)BirthTina Arena, Australian singer
November 1st, 1967 (November 01 1967)BirthCarla van de Puttelaar, Dutch photographer
November 1st, 1966 (November 01 1966)BirthBarbara Becker, German actress; ex-wife of Boris Becker
November 1st, 1966 (November 01 1966)BirthWillie D, American hip hop artist, famous for being a member of The Geto Boys
November 1st, 1966 (November 01 1966)BirthMary Hansen, Australian guitarist and singer (Stereolab) (died in 2002)
November 1st, 1964 (November 01 1964)BirthDaran Norris, American actor
November 1st, 1963 (November 01 1963)EventThe Arecibo Observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, with the largest radio telescope ever constructed, officially opens.
November 1st, 1963 (November 01 1963)BirthRick Allen, British drummer (Def Leppard)
November 1st, 1963 (November 01 1963)BirthKenny Alphin, American guitarist (Big & Rich)
November 1st, 1963 (November 01 1963)BirthDana Plato, American actress (died in 1999) Plato Quotes
November 1st, 1963 (November 01 1963)BirthMonty Sopp, American professional wrestler
November 1st, 1963 (November 01 1963)BirthMark Hughes, Welsh footballer
November 1st, 1962 (November 01 1962)BirthAnthony Kiedis, American singer (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
November 1st, 1962 (November 01 1962)DeathRicardo Rodriguez, Mexican racing driver (born in 1942)
November 1st, 1961 (November 01 1961)BirthLouise Boije af Gennas, Swedish writer
November 1st, 1961 (November 01 1961)BirthCalvin Johnson, American musician (Beat Happening, The Halo Benders, Dub Narcotic Sound System)John Calvin Quotes
November 1st, 1960 (November 01 1960)EventWhile campaigning for President of the United States, John F. Kennedy announces his idea of the Peace Corps.John F. Kennedy Quotes
November 1st, 1960 (November 01 1960)BirthFernando Valenzuela, Mexican baseball player
November 1st, 1958 (November 01 1958)BirthCharlie Kaufman, American screenwriter
November 1st, 1958 (November 01 1958)BirthJim Steinmeyer, Illusion creator
November 1st, 1958 (November 01 1958)BirthRachel Ticotin, American actress
November 1st, 1957 (November 01 1957)EventThe Mackinac Bridge, the world s longest suspension bridge between anchorages at the time, opens to traffic connecting Michigan s upper and lower peninsulas.
November 1st, 1957 (November 01 1957)BirthLyle Lovett, American singer
November 1st, 1957 (November 01 1957)BirthCarlos Paiao, Portuguese singer (died in 1988)
November 1st, 1956 (November 01 1956)EventFormation of Indian state of Andhra Pradesh with its capital as Hyderabad, formerly known as Nizam state.
November 1st, 1956 (November 01 1956)EventFormation of the Indian state of Karnataka (1973), formerly known as Mysore State.
November 1st, 1956 (November 01 1956)EventFormation of Kerala state in India.
November 1st, 1955 (November 01 1955)EventThe bombing of United Airlines Flight 629 occurs.
November 1st, 1955 (November 01 1955)BirthBeth Leavel, American musical theatre actress
November 1st, 1955 (November 01 1955)BirthMike Mendoza, British radio personality
November 1st, 1955 (November 01 1955)DeathDale Carnegie, American writer (born in 1888)
November 1st, 1954 (November 01 1954)EventThe Front de Liberation Nationale fires the first shots of the Algerian War of Independence.
November 1st, 1953 (November 01 1953)BirthJan Davis, American astronaut
November 1st, 1952 (November 01 1952)EventOperation IvyThe United States successfully detonates the first large hydrogen bomb, codenamed "Mike" ["M" for megaton], in the Eniwetok atoll, located in the Marshall Islands in the central Pacific Ocean. The explosion had a yield of 10 megatons.
November 1st, 1951 (November 01 1951)EventAmerican soldiers are exposed to an atomic explosion for training purposes in Desert Rock, Nevada. Participation was not voluntary.
November 1st, 1951 (November 01 1951)BirthRonald Bell, American singer and saxophonist (Kool & the Gang)
November 1st, 1951 (November 01 1951)BirthFabrice Luchini, French actor
November 1st, 1950 (November 01 1950)EventPuerto Rican nationalists Griselio Torresola and Oscar Collazo attempt to assassinate US President Harry S. Truman at Blair House.Harry S. Truman Quotes
November 1st, 1950 (November 01 1950)EventPope Pius XII witnesses "The Miracle of the Sun" while at the Vatican.
November 1st, 1950 (November 01 1950)EventPope Pius XII claims Papal Infallibility when he formally defines the dogma of the Assumption of Mary.
November 1st, 1950 (November 01 1950)BirthRobert B. Laughlin, American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
November 1st, 1950 (November 01 1950)BirthDan Peek, American guitarist (America)
November 1st, 1949 (November 01 1949)BirthMichael D. Griffin, NASA chief administrator
November 1st, 1948 (November 01 1948)EventOff southern Manchuria, 6,000 people are killed as a Chinese merchant ship explodes and sinks.
November 1st, 1948 (November 01 1948)BirthPhil Myre, Canadian ice hockey player
November 1st, 1947 (November 01 1947)BirthJim Steinman, American songwriter
November 1st, 1947 (November 01 1947)DeathMan o War, American thoroughbred racehorse (born in 1917)
November 1st, 1946 (November 01 1946)EventThe New York Knicks played against the Toronto Huskies at the Maple Leaf Gardens, in the first Basketball Association of America game. The Knicks would win 68-66.
November 1st, 1946 (November 01 1946)BirthRic Grech, English rock bassist (Family, Ginger Baker s Air Force, Traffic) (died in 1990)
November 1st, 1946 (November 01 1946)BirthDennis Muren, American special effects artist
November 1st, 1946 (November 01 1946)BirthLynne Russell, ex-CNN news anchor
November 1st, 1945 (November 01 1945)EventThe official North Korean newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, is first published under the name Chongro. Australia joins the United Nations.
November 1st, 1944 (November 01 1944)EventWorld War II: Units of the British Army land at Walcheren in the Netherlands.
November 1st, 1944 (November 01 1944)BirthOscar Temaru, President of French Polynesia
November 1st, 1943 (November 01 1943)EventWorld War II: Battle of Empress Augusta Bay, United States Marines, the 3rd Marine Division, land on Bougainville in the Solomon Islands. Solomon Quotes
November 1st, 1943 (November 01 1943)EventWorld War II: In support of the landings on Bougainville, U.S. aircraft carrier forces attack the huge Japanese base at Rabaul.
November 1st, 1943 (November 01 1943)BirthSalvatore Adamo, popular singer
November 1st, 1943 (November 01 1943)BirthJohn McEnery, English actor
November 1st, 1942 (November 01 1942)EventMatanikau Offensive begins during the Guadalcanal Campaign and ends on November 4.
November 1st, 1942 (November 01 1942)BirthLarry Flynt, American magazine publisherLarry Flynt Quotes
November 1st, 1942 (November 01 1942)BirthRalph Klein, Premier of Alberta
November 1st, 1942 (November 01 1942)BirthMarcia Wallace, American actress
November 1st, 1942 (November 01 1942)DeathHugo Distler, German composer (born in 1908)
November 1st, 1941 (November 01 1941)EventAmerican photographer Ansel Adams takes a picture of a moonrise over the town of Hernandez, New Mexico that would become one of the most famous images in the history of photography.
November 1st, 1941 (November 01 1941)BirthAlfio Basile, Argentine football coach
November 1st, 1940 (November 01 1940)BirthRamesh Chandra Lahoti, Chief Justice of India
November 1st, 1940 (November 01 1940)BirthBarry Sadler, American singer (died in 1989)
November 1st, 1939 (November 01 1939)EventThe first rabbit born after artificial insemination is exhibited to the world.
November 1st, 1939 (November 01 1939)BirthBarbara Bosson, American actress
November 1st, 1938 (November 01 1938)EventSeabiscuit defeats War Admiral in an upset victory during a match race deemed "the match of the century" in horse racing.
November 1st, 1937 (November 01 1937)EventStalinists executed by shooting Pastor Paul Hamberg and seven members of Azerbaijan s Lutheran community (including three women).
November 1st, 1937 (November 01 1937)BirthBill Anderson, American country music singer and songwriter
November 1st, 1936 (November 01 1936)BirthEddie Colman, English footballer (died in 1958)
November 1st, 1935 (November 01 1935)BirthGary Player, South African golfer
November 1st, 1935 (November 01 1935)BirthEdward Said, Palestinian-born literary critic (died in 2003)
November 1st, 1934 (November 01 1934)BirthUmberto Agnelli, Swiss-born automobile executive (died in 2004)
November 1st, 1934 (November 01 1934)BirthGillian Knight, English mezzo-soprano
November 1st, 1934 (November 01 1934)BirthWilliam Mathias, British composer (died in 1992)
November 1st, 1932 (November 01 1932)BirthJohn Clark, English-born actor/director
November 1st, 1932 (November 01 1932)BirthAl Arbour, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
November 1st, 1930 (November 01 1930)BirthA. R. Gurney, American playwright
November 1st, 1929 (November 01 1929)BirthBetsy Palmer, American actress
November 1st, 1929 (November 01 1929)BirthNicholas Mavroules, U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts (died in 2003)
November 1st, 1928 (November 01 1928)EventThe Law on the Adoption and Implementation of the Turkish Alphabet, replacing the version of the Arabic alphabet previously used, comes into force in Turkey.
November 1st, 1926 (November 01 1926)BirthLou Donaldson, American jazz alto saxophonist
November 1st, 1924 (November 01 1924)BirthJean-Luc Pepin, French Canadian politician (died in 1995)
November 1st, 1924 (November 01 1924)BirthSuleyman Demirel, 9th President of Turkey
November 1st, 1923 (November 01 1923)BirthGordon R. Dickson, Canadian author (died in 2001)
November 1st, 1923 (November 01 1923)BirthVictoria de los Angeles, Spanish soprano (died in 2005)
November 1st, 1922 (November 01 1922)EventThe last sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Mehmed VI, abdicates.
November 1st, 1921 (November 01 1921)BirthJohn W. Peterson, American songwriter (died in 2006)
November 1st, 1920 (November 01 1920)EventAmerican Fishing Schooner Esperanto defeats the Canadian Fishing Schooner Delawana in the First International Fishing Schooner Championship Races in Halifax.
November 1st, 1920 (November 01 1920)BirthJames Kilpatrick, American journalist
November 1st, 1920 (November 01 1920)BirthTed Lowe, English former snooker commentator
November 1st, 1918 (November 01 1918)EventMalbone Street Wreck: the worst rapid transit accident in US history occurs under the intersection of Malbone Street and Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, New York City, with at least 93 deaths.
November 1st, 1918 (November 01 1918)EventWestern Ukraine gains its independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
November 1st, 1916 (November 01 1916)EventPaul Miliukov delivers in the State Duma the famous "stupidity or treason" speech, precipitating the downfall of the Boris Sturmer government.
November 1st, 1915 (November 01 1915)EventParris Island is officially designated a Marine Corps Recruit Depot.
November 1st, 1914 (November 01 1914)EventWorld War I: the first British Royal Navy defeat of the war with Germany, the Battle of Coronel, is fought off of the western coast of Chile, in the Pacific.
November 1st, 1914 (November 01 1914)BirthMoshe Teitelbaum, Hassidic rabbi (died in 2006)
November 1st, 1911 (November 01 1911)EventThe first dropping of a bomb from an airplane in combat, during the Italo-Turkish War.
November 1st, 1911 (November 01 1911)BirthHenri Troyat, French author and historian (died in 2007)
November 1st, 1907 (November 01 1907)DeathAlfred Jarry, French writer (b.1873)Alfred Jarry Quotes
November 1st, 1905 (November 01 1905)BirthPaul-Emile Borduas, Quebec painter (died in 1960)
November 1st, 1903 (November 01 1903)BirthMax Adrian, Irish actor (died in 1973)
November 1st, 1903 (November 01 1903)BirthEdward "Carji" Greeves, Australian rules footballer (died in 1963)
November 1st, 1903 (November 01 1903)DeathTheodor Mommsen, German writer, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1817)
November 1st, 1902 (November 01 1902)BirthEugen Jochum, German conductor (died in 1987)
November 1st, 1901 (November 01 1901)EventSigma Phi Epsilon, the largest national men s collegiate fraternity is established at Richmond College, in Richmond, VA.
November 1st, 1898 (November 01 1898)BirthArthur Legat, Belgian racing driver (died in 1960)
November 1st, 1896 (November 01 1896)EventA picture showing the unclad (bare) breasts of a woman appears in National Geographic magazine for the first time.
November 1st, 1894 (November 01 1894)EventNicholas II becomes the new Tsar of Russia after his father, Alexander III, dies.
November 1st, 1894 (November 01 1894)DeathTsar Alexander III of Russia (born in 1845)
November 1st, 1892 (November 01 1892)BirthAlexander Alekhine, Russian-born chess player (died in 1946)
November 1st, 1889 (November 01 1889)BirthPhilip Noel-Baker, Baron Noel-Baker, Canadian-born peace activist, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (died in 1982)
November 1st, 1888 (November 01 1888)DeathNikolai Przhevalsky, Russian explorer (born in 1838)
November 1st, 1887 (November 01 1887)BirthL. S. Lowry, British painter of industrial scenes (died in 1976)
November 1st, 1886 (November 01 1886)EventAnanda College, a leading Buddhist school in Sri Lanka was established with 37 students.
November 1st, 1886 (November 01 1886)BirthHermann Broch, Austrian author (died in 1951)
November 1st, 1884 (November 01 1884)EventThe Gaelic Athletic Association is set up in Hayes s Hotel in Thurles, County Tipperary.
November 1st, 1881 (November 01 1881)BirthEdward Van Sloan, American actor (died in 1964)
November 1st, 1880 (November 01 1880)BirthSholom Asch, Polish-born American writer (died in 1957)
November 1st, 1880 (November 01 1880)BirthGrantland Rice, American sports writer (died in 1954)
November 1st, 1880 (November 01 1880)BirthAlfred Wegener, German meteorologist and geophysicist (died in 1930)
November 1st, 1878 (November 01 1878)BirthKonrad Magi, Estonian painter (died in 1925)
November 1st, 1878 (November 01 1878)BirthCarlos Saavedra Lamas, Argentine politician, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (died in 1959)
November 1st, 1877 (November 01 1877)BirthRoger Quilter, British composer (died in 1953)
November 1st, 1876 (November 01 1876)EventNew Zealand s provincial government system is dissolved.
November 1st, 1871 (November 01 1871)BirthStephen Crane, American writer (died in 1900)Stephen Crane Quotes
November 1st, 1870 (November 01 1870)EventIn the United States, the Weather Bureau (later renamed the National Weather Service) makes its first official meteorological forecast.
November 1st, 1861 (November 01 1861)EventAmerican Civil War: US President Abraham Lincoln appoints George B. McClellan as the commander of the Union Army, replacing the aged General Winfield Scott.Abraham Lincoln Quotes
November 1st, 1860 (November 01 1860)BirthBoies Penrose, United States Senator from Pennsylvania (died in 1921)
November 1st, 1859 (November 01 1859)EventThe current Cape Lookout, North Carolina, lighthouse was lit for the first time. Its first-order Fresnel lens can be seen for about 19 miles (30 kilometers), in good conditions.
November 1st, 1848 (November 01 1848)EventIn Boston, Massachusetts, the first medical school for women, The Boston Female Medical School (which later merged with the Boston University School of Medicine), opens.
November 1st, 1847 (November 01 1847)BirthEmma Albani, Canadian soprano (died in 1930)
November 1st, 1814 (November 01 1814)EventCongress of Vienna opens to re-draw the European political map after the defeat of France, in the Napoleonic Wars.
November 1st, 1814 (November 01 1814)DeathAlexander Samoylov, Russian general and statesman (born in 1744)
November 1st, 1808 (November 01 1808)BirthJohn Taylor, American religious leader (died in 1887)
November 1st, 1805 (November 01 1805)EventNapoleon Bonaparte invades Austria during the War of the Third Coalition.Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes
November 1st, 1802 (November 01 1802)EventDelegates meet at Chillicothe, Ohio to form a state constitutional convention.
November 1st, 1800 (November 01 1800)EventUS President John Adams becomes the first President of the United States to live in the Executive Mansion (later renamed the White House).John Adams Quotes
November 1st, 1790 (November 01 1790)EventEdmund Burke publishes Reflections on the Revolution in France, in which he predicts that the French Revolution will end in a disaster.Edmund Burke Quotes
November 1st, 1782 (November 01 1782)BirthFrederick John Robinson, 1st Viscount Goderich, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (died in 1859)
November 1st, 1778 (November 01 1778)BirthGustav IV Adolf of Sweden (died in 1837)
November 1st, 1765 (November 01 1765)EventThe British Parliament enacts the Stamp Act on the 13 colonies in order to help pay for British military operations in North America.
November 1st, 1762 (November 01 1762)BirthSpencer Perceval, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (died in 1812)
November 1st, 1755 (November 01 1755)EventLisbon earthquake: In Portugal, Lisbon is destroyed by a massive earthquake and tsunami, killing between sixty thousand and ninety thousand people.
November 1st, 1727 (November 01 1727)BirthIvan Ivanovich Shuvalov, founder of the Moscow University (died in 1797)
November 1st, 1720 (November 01 1720)BirthToussaint-Guillaume Picquet de la Motte, French admiral (died in 1791)
November 1st, 1704 (November 01 1704)BirthPaul Daniel Longolius, German encylopedist (died in 1779)
November 1st, 1700 (November 01 1700)DeathCharles II of Spain (born in 1661)
November 1st, 1683 (November 01 1683)EventThe British crown colony of New York is subdivided into 12 counties.
November 1st, 1678 (November 01 1678)DeathWilliam Coddington, first Governor of Rhode Island (born in 1601)
November 1st, 1676 (November 01 1676)DeathGisbertus Voetius, Dutch theologian (born in 1589)
November 1st, 1661 (November 01 1661)BirthFlorent Carton Dancourt, French dramatist and actor (died in 1725)
November 1st, 1643 (November 01 1643)BirthJohn Strype, English historian and biographer (died in 1737)
November 1st, 1642 (November 01 1642)DeathJean Nicolet, French explorer (born in 1598)
November 1st, 1636 (November 01 1636)BirthNicolas Boileau-Despreaux, French poet and critic (died in 1711)
November 1st, 1629 (November 01 1629)BirthSt. Oliver Plunkett, last Catholic martyr to die in Englandied in (died in 1681)
November 1st, 1612 (November 01 1612)Event(22 October O.S.) Time of Troubles in Russia: Moscow, Kitai-gorod, is captured by Russian troops under command of Dmitry Pozharsky
November 1st, 1611 (November 01 1611)EventWilliam Shakespeare s romantic comedy The Tempest is presented for the first time, at Whitehall Palace in London.William Shakespeare Quotes
November 1st, 1611 (November 01 1611)BirthFrancois-Marie, comte de Broglie, Italian-born French commander (died in 1656)
November 1st, 1607 (November 01 1607)BirthGeorg Philipp Harsdorffer, German poet (died in 1658)
November 1st, 1604 (November 01 1604)EventWilliam Shakespeare s tragedy Othello is presented for the first time, at Whitehall Palace in London.William Shakespeare Quotes
November 1st, 1596 (November 01 1596)DeathPierre Pithou, French lawyer and scholar (born in 1539)
November 1st, 1588 (November 01 1588)DeathJean Daurat, French poet (born in 1508)
November 1st, 1585 (November 01 1585)BirthJan Brozek, Polish mathematician, physician, and astronomer (died in 1652)
November 1st, 1578 (November 01 1578)BirthDmitry Pozharsky, Russian prince (died in 1642)
November 1st, 1567 (November 01 1567)BirthDiego Sarmiento de Acuna, conde de Gondomar, Spanish diplomat (died in 1626)
November 1st, 1549 (November 01 1549)BirthAnna of Austria, fourth wife of Philip II of Spain (died in 1580)
November 1st, 1546 (November 01 1546)DeathGiulio Romano, Italian painter
November 1st, 1539 (November 01 1539)BirthPierre Pithou, French lawyer and scholar (died in 1596)
November 1st, 1530 (November 01 1530)BirthEtienne de La Boetie, French judge and writer (died in 1563)
November 1st, 1526 (November 01 1526)BirthCatherine Jagellonica of Poland, queen of Sweden and duchess of Finland (died in 1583)
November 1st, 1520 (November 01 1520)EventThe Strait of Magellan, the passage immediately south of mainland South America, connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans, is first navigated by Ferdinand Magellan during his global circumnavigation voyage.
November 1st, 1512 (November 01 1512)EventThe ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo, is exhibited to the public for the first time.
November 1st, 1399 (November 01 1399)DeathJohn V, Duke of Brittany (born in 1339)
November 1st, 1391 (November 01 1391)DeathAmadeus VII of Savoy (born in 1360)
November 1st, 1351 (November 01 1351)BirthDuke Leopold III of Austria (died in 1386)
November 1st, 1339 (November 01 1339)BirthDuke Rudolf IV of Austria (died in 1365)
November 1st, 1296 (November 01 1296)DeathGuillaume Durand, French writer (born in 1230)
November 1st, 0996 (November 01 0996)EventEmperor Otto III issues a deed to Gottschalk, Bishop of Freising, which is the oldest known document using the name Ostarrichi (Austria in Old High German).
November 1st, 0955 (November 01 0955)DeathHenry I, Duke of Bavaria
November 1st, 0921 (November 01 0921)DeathRichard, Duke of Burgundy
November 1st, 0846 (November 01 0846)BirthLouis the Stammerer, King of West Francia (died in 879)

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